Mood Lighting

Create an impact

Mood lighting is used to add dimension and depth to the room in order to create an ambience. Mood lighting is generally soft and unobtrusive, used for decorative rather than functional purpose. Often the most overlooked aspect of kitchen lighting, Mood Lighting really does have the biggest impact!

Where to introduce mood lighting?

  • Along the plinth

Choose a spot light or flexible strip to create a relaxing atmosphere and ambience.

  • Above wall units

Run flexible strip lighting above wall units to up light the ceiling, adding real depth to the kitchen. Alternatively, add an over cabinet light to illuminate the door fronts.

  • Inside glass fronted wall units

Use a glass clip light on glass pane shelves to create a superb effect. Alternatively, place an LED spot light at the top of the unit to illuminate the glassware or crockery in the cabinet.

  • External shelf lighting

The LED glass box shelf is a great addition if you want to introduce subtle lighting whilst adding additional storage space.

  • Under worktop lighting for a handless kitchen

Use one of the LED Flexible Strips (either in the Continuum profile or alone) which can create a stunning effect.

Mood Lighting
Mood Lighting