LED Lighting

LED will soon be the only option when it comes to kitchen lighting. Have a read through the information below to understand why LED lighting is the smartest choice.

Saving Money

Save energy, save money

Although the initial cost of an LED fitting is higher, they last over 13 times longer than Halogen, saving you money on replacement lamps.

The savings you will make on electricity bills more than offsets this initial difference.

Thanks to the low power consumption of LED's you will see significant energy cost savings – meaning cheaper electricity.

The Testing Station

The testing station (shown right) was set up to measure the energy usage of an LED light v a Halogen light of equal brightness. The difference in energy used was staggering. One single LED light will save you £8.76 annually.


*Cost savings based on

  • 8 hours usage per day
  • One 20W halogen fitting costs £9.66 per year to run.
  • One 1.65W HD LED fitting costs £0.90 per year to run.
  • A saving of £8.76 per fitting per year.
  • Therefore, based on a kitchen having 8 under cabinet lights installed, the saving on electricity bills per year would be £70.08.
  • Dimmable

    • The majority of LED lighting in this catalogue can be dimmed via the Sensio range of LED dimmers and if it cannot be dimmed the reason is, the fitting has functionality built-in ie. an on/off sensor.

    • This gives the customer increased flexibility.

  • More Options

    • The majority of products are now available in cool white and warm white LED meaning the customer can create stunning lighting effects by choosing the LED colour which will maximise the impact of any kitchen design and colour scheme.

    • LED brings a whole new set of possibilities to kitchen design. For example the range of flexible strips - various levels of brightness, different LED colours - used in numerous locations in the kitchen to create stunning effects.

  • Long Lifespan

    • LED's have a lifespan of approximately 12.5 years, halogen only 1.5 years.

    • The lifespan of an LED fitting can ultimately outlive the kitchen itself.

    • No need to replace fittings or lamps - saving the customer time, hassle and money.

  • Eco Friendly

    • LED fittings have an incredibly low power consumption despite their high light output. A standard HD LED under cabinet lighting runs at only 1.65W.

    • LED lighting uses over 90% less energy than halogen lighting.

  • Advanced Technology

    • The advancement of LED technology is rapid

    • The LED chip technology continues to advance to give brighter lighting.

    • The look and design of LED fittings continue to advance with ever increasing slimline products which maintain the high light output.