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Product Features
Product Features
  • FinishStainless Steel


  • Cable Length2.5 metres


  • BluetoothBluetooth


  • IP RatingIP54


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Product FAQs
Product FAQs

Is it possible to connect one phone to two of the Pods at the same time?

You cannot connect one phone to two Pods at the same time. You would need to disconnect from the Pod before connecting to another. If you try to connect to multiple Pods, only the first connection will work.

What is the maximum mA allowance of the USB ports?

The maximum mA allowance of the USB ports is 2100mA. This allowance is applicable for use of one port only or across both ports.

What is the minimum depth of the void required for installation?


Can our products be used with those of other manufacturers?

We have not tested this so therefore do not recommend it.

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Selecting the right driver

Divide the wattage of the driver by the wattage of a single light to determine how many lights can be run by the driver.

For example, 15W driver with 3W lights
15 ÷ 3 = 5 lights

Drivers are available in more than one wattage, work out the best option based on the number of lights you have.

Drivers have a limited number of ports. A driver with 6 ports is therefore limited to a maximum of 6 lights.

Ensure you consider both the wattage and number of ports on the driver.


Connecting by Colour

To simplify the process of selecting the appropriate driver for your lighting, Sensio use a simple colour coding system.

All components are colour coded: