240V LED Surface/Recessed Light

Anyone can install the Nico when using the 6 way distributor block, no need for an electrician. Our first 240V SLS fitting is attractive, sleek and so simple to install.

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Spot lighting creates a coned lighting effect, perfect for both traditional and contemporary kitchens

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 CodeColour TemperatureLED ColourLumensPack QtySensorWattage
SE21190C05000KCool White180 lm1No3W
SE21190C25000KCool White180 lm2No6W
SE21190C35000KCool White180 lm3No9W
SE21190W03000KWarm White170 lm1No3W
SE21190W23000KWarm White170 lm2No6W
SE21190W33000KWarm White170 lm3No9W

Product Features
  • FinishStainless Steel


  • LED ColourCool & Warm White


    This fitting is available in either cool white or warm white LED

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  • Lamp Life15 years


    LED lasts over 13 times longer than Halogen.

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  • Beam Angle110°


  • Quantity of lights2 per m


    For each metre of cabinetry we would recommend using 2 of these lights

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  • Cable Length1.5 metres


Key points:

> Surface Light Source (SLS) products are LED fittings with no visible LED points.

> This fitting runs at 240V so no driver is required.

> Extremely simple to install if you use the 6 way distribution block. Simply connect up to 6 of the Nico fittings into the ports on the distributor block and connect this directly to the mains supply (13A plug pre-wired to the SE211570).

> When using the distribution block anyone can install these fittings - no need for Part P as it is all plug and play.

> Use as task lighting under cabinets or to illuminate cabinet interiors in glass fronted wall units.

> Spacer included, fitting can be surface mounted or recessed.

> Extremely long lamp life. This fitting will more than likely outlive your kitchen.

> A much smaller and neater fitting than GX53 with a connector small enough to fit through an 8mm hole.

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From: £15.36

Selecting the right driver

Divide the wattage of the driver by the wattage of a single light to determine how many lights can be run by the driver.

For example, 15W driver with 3W lights
15 ÷ 3 = 5 lights

Drivers are available in more than one wattage, work out the best option based on the number of lights you have.

Drivers have a limited number of ports. A driver with 6 ports is therefore limited to a maximum of 6 lights.

Ensure you consider both the wattage and number of ports on the driver.


Connecting by Colour

To simplify the process of selecting the appropriate driver for your lighting, Sensio use a simple colour coding system.

All components are colour coded: