LED Glass Shelf Clip Light

If you have glass fronted cabinets in your kitchen with glass shelves, light them with the Edge Glass Clip Light. This is an extremely simple and cost effective way to add mood lighting to your kitchen and make a real feature of glass wall units.

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Add an element of convenience to your kitchen. Illuminate cabinet interiors as the door is opened

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 CodeColour TemperatureDriverLED ColourLengthLumensWattage
Cool White450mm281 lm2W
Warm White450mm220 lm2W

CodeDescriptionColour Coding
SE40553 6W Driver with 4 Port JB4 Distribution Block
SE40555 15W LED Driver with 6 Port JB4 Distributor
SE40556 30W LED Driver with 12 Port JB4 Distributor
SE40557.1 LED 24V 60W Driver with 12 port LED block

Product Features
  • FinishTransparent PC


  • LED ColourCool White


    Cool white LED provides the brightest light, perfect for internal lighting or task lighting in a modern setting

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  • Lamp Life13 years


  • DimmableDimmable


    This light is dimmable via dimming controls from the Sensio range

  • Cable Length1.5 metres


  • Colour Temperature5000K


    Higher kelvin values of 5000K or over produce a cool colour

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  • DriverGreen 24V


Key points:

> Fits a 6-8mm pane of glass.

> Use on glass shelves inside glass fronted cabinets to introduce soft, ambient mood lighting.

> The white diffused finish of the profile means the lights shines out towards the front edge of the glass, and also illuminates the inside of the cabinet itself.

> Can be cut to length if required (every 90mm or 7 LED's along the PCB).

> Features an integrated diffuser for the 'no dot' look on the front edge of the glass.

> Extremely low wattage, meaning minimal energy consumption.

> Use two lengths side by side for longer units.

> Simple to install, clips onto the back of a glass pane and connects up to the suitable driver.

> A relatively low cost item which creates a stunning effect.

Product FAQs

Can the cable on this fitting be extended?

Yes. We offer a 2.5m extension cable (SE9009). Please see the accessory listing below.

From: £2.64

Selecting the right driver

Divide the wattage of the driver by the wattage of a single light to determine how many lights can be run by the driver.

For example, 15W driver with 3W lights
15 ÷ 3 = 5 lights

Drivers are available in more than one wattage, work out the best option based on the number of lights you have.

Drivers have a limited number of ports. A driver with 6 ports is therefore limited to a maximum of 6 lights.

Ensure you consider both the wattage and number of ports on the driver.


Connecting by Colour

To simplify the process of selecting the appropriate driver for your lighting, Sensio use a simple colour coding system.

All components are colour coded: