Cona In Cabinet Light With PIR

Ultra bright internal lighting. Add an element of luxury to your kitchen by adding this superb in-cabinet light, featuring an integrated PIR sensor for ultimate ease of use.

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Add an element of convenience to your kitchen. Illuminate cabinet interiors as the door is opened

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From: £58.20
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Ordering options
 CodeColour TemperatureDriverLED ColourLengthLumensSensorWattage
Cool White400mm160 lmYes2.7W
Cool White550mm215 lmYes3.6W
Cool White850mm320 lmYes5.7W
Cool White950mm355 lmYes6.3W
Cool White1150mm515 lmYes7.8W

CodeDescriptionColour Coding
SE40525 15W LED Driver with 6 Port JB4 Distributor
SE40526 30W LED Driver with 12 Port JB4 Distributor
SE40625 6W LED Driver with 4 Port JB4 Distributor

Product Features
  • FinishAluminium


  • LED ColourCool White


    Cool white LED provides the brightest light, perfect for internal lighting or task lighting in a modern setting

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  • Beam Angle120°


  • Cable Length2 metres


  • Colour Temperature6000K


    Higher kelvin values of 5000K or over produce a cool colour. The higher the kelvin the cooler the white tone

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Key points:

> Integrated PIR Sensor. The PIR has a detection range of 2m meaning the fitting can be mounted as required in the cabinet
> Various lengths to ensure great coverage for all cabinet sizes
> Angled light source for optimum illumination of the cabinet interior
> The high number of HD LED diodes integrated ensures an even illumination
> Cool white LED, the brightest light source

Product FAQs

Can the cable on this fitting be extended?

Yes. We offer a 2.5m extension cable (SE9009). Please see the accessory listing below.

From: £2.64

Selecting the right driver

Divide the wattage of the driver by the wattage of a single light to determine how many lights can be run by the driver.

For example, 15W driver with 3W lights
15 ÷ 3 = 5 lights

Drivers are available in more than one wattage, work out the best option based on the number of lights you have.

Drivers have a limited number of ports. A driver with 6 ports is therefore limited to a maximum of 6 lights.

Ensure you consider both the wattage and number of ports on the driver.


Connecting by Colour

To simplify the process of selecting the appropriate driver for your lighting, Sensio use a simple colour coding system.

All components are colour coded: