Viva LED Flexible Strip Upgrade

Viva Flexible Strip Upgraded. LED Flexible strip lighting can be used almost anywhere. Create truly stunning effects in your kitchen or bedroom with this simple product. Please note that the .1 codes of the Viva flexible strip have different specification than the other Viva flexible strip including altered Kelvins and lumen output. Ensure not to mix stock.

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Create a relaxing atmosphere by adding flexible strip lighting beneath the bed and above wardrobes

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 CodeColour TemperatureDriverLED ColourLengthLumensPack QtyWattage
Cool White330mm70 lm 0.8W
Warm White330mm55 lm 0.8W
Cool White2000mm420 lm 5W
SE10311CWK1.15000KIncluded in pack Cool White2000mm420 lm15W
Warm White2000mm330 lm 5W
SE10311WWK1.13000KIncluded in pack Warm White2000mm330 lm15W
Cool White1000mm210 lm 2.5W
SE10312CWK1.15000KIncluded in pack Cool White1000mm210 lm12.5W
Warm White1000mm165lm 2.5W
SE10312WWK1.13000KIncluded in pack Warm White1000mm165lm12.5W

CodeDescriptionColour Coding
SE40525 15W LED Driver with 6 Port JB4 Distributor
SE40526 30W LED Driver with 12 Port JB4 Distributor
SE40625 6W LED Driver with 4 Port JB4 Distributor

Product Features
  • FinishWhite


  • LED ColourCool & Warm White


    This fitting is available in either cool white or warm white LED

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  • Lamp Life9 years


  • Beam Angle120°


  • DimmableDimmable


    This light is dimmable via dimming controls from the Sensio range

  • DriverOrange 12V


Key points:

> Self-adhesive 3M tape backing allows for quick and simple installation

> Male and female ends on the strip allow you to create the length required

> The strip can be cut to length, scissor marks on the product mark where suitable to cut (every 75-83mm)

> Re-use a cut section of the strip ONCE using the mini-cut connector (SE10318MCC)

> Extremely low energy consumption, only 5W per 2000mm

> Use this product for a variety of applications (on the plinth, above cabinets to up-light the ceiling, below the worktop on a handless kitchen to name a few)

> All you need to install is an adequate amount of flexible strips, driver connection lead(s) - one per run of strips and an LED driver

> Run a maximum length of 12m from one driver (based on 30W driver)

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Selecting the right driver

Divide the wattage of the driver by the wattage of a single light to determine how many lights can be run by the driver.

For example, 15W driver with 3W lights
15 ÷ 3 = 5 lights

Drivers are available in more than one wattage, work out the best option based on the number of lights you have.

Drivers have a limited number of ports. A driver with 6 ports is therefore limited to a maximum of 6 lights.

Ensure you consider both the wattage and number of ports on the driver.


Connecting by Colour

To simplify the process of selecting the appropriate driver for your lighting, Sensio use a simple colour coding system.

All components are colour coded: